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D Paul Dye

People often wonder why we “care so much”, “post so much”, “want change so much” - because they aren’t touched by the devastation that suicide causes in their own lives. We hope that they never feel our pain, never know suicide. That’s our why. It’s also because of this story, and the other story every 40 seconds.

It is because we would never wish on anyone to have to endure the pain and ache that we have as a family and so many others that are a part of "our club" have to now live with.

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Fatherpaulawjones .

I swim in guilt, it varies for all people left behind that I have talked to. I struggle to live with it and have very little time or interest in “small” issues in life. I confuse anger with sadness and sadness dressed as anger. Take five when you feel the panic coming, if you catch it! External viewing of myself helps me here, sometimes shit happens; you do not have to explain yourself all the time. Your friends learn to spot the seeping sadness...

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FatherClea Pettit