My brother lived with diagnosed bipolar for about 25 years when he took his own life on 13th June 2013 at the age of 45. My brother was well know in the mental health system not only through his illness but also for his enrolment as peer support, hearing voices workshops, and involvement with the Walsh trust. My mum was also well know for her never ending advocacy for my brother when he was unwell. Having said that there was no support for either my mother, myself, or my husband who had tried to resuscitate my brother the night of his death. I lost my only brother, my first friend, the one that should have been around to help me deal with our mum's death. You know one day your parents wont be here any longer but you expect a sibling to be around a bit longer than 45 years. I miss my brother deeply but can understand his reasons. No One, and I mean no One, should have to live with what he lived with. I hope and pray my brother is now at peace.

Siblingpaulawjones .