Mama Hen

Dont Let the Demon

I’ll never understand why you left us, why you didn’t tell me you were going
I think you knew that it would hurt me and you didn’t want to see me beg
I look around at all the lives you’ve touched and all the loves who ache
Me your mama, my mama your nanny, my dad your koro and your lil siblings
I don’t know what to tell them about what life looks like now
How are you? They say. That hurts cause you’ve left me with your demon
I don’t like to say today is a rough day, cause those days can last for weeks back to back
We’ve lost a few more souls now, who have followed the same path
And I ache for each one as if it was you all over again.
Haere atu ra nga mate haere atu ra nga mate.

To those of us who are feeling robbed right now
Just wishing we had that chance, to go get them and convince them to come home
Don’t let the demon move in and control you
It’s not your fault; there was nothing you could do
Don’t let the demon convince you to dwell in that same black space
Haere atu ra demon haere atu ra

Turn to those around you who are being tortured by the pain
Bring them close and remind them that it is not ok
It is not ok to carry the demon around as if it was your own
We did not live those lives of others
Life is hard but good and we need to move together
Connected and aware that there are demons dwelling everywhere

We must be responsible for our own happiness
No one else knows us better than ourselves
If life is too hard then pack up and come home
Cause home is never with the demon
And when you invite him in
He will try to convince you that it is ok to give in
If he manages to put you in the state of kahupo
Then once he is done with you he moves on to search for one more
Don’t let him into our happiness and destroy our destiny
Or make us stuck for too long as we grieve forevermore

I miss you everyday son, and I’m still crying on the inside
Trying to move us forward and retain some sense of pride
I feel like i have let you down because of what you have done
But I’m pissed off and angry and I’m not the only one
Fuck that fukin demon, and the way he’s cruising around
Picking off our loved ones and putting them in the ground

Motherpaulawjones .