On 25th November 2017, 2 months before his 20th birthday and 1 month before Christmas my beautiful son Jordan died by suicide. I was home and didnt know he was home as he was meant to be going to a party. Instead he took his life in our garage sometime during the night and wasn’t found until 1pm the next day. He has no history of mental illness or depression but looking back he did make a few remarks that had I been on to it may have caused concern. He had just started a building apprenticeship with a friend of ours and his girlfriend of 6 month broke up with him 3 days before his death. He was my world. He was funny, caring, kind, handsome as, generous and my only son. I raised him as a single parent from 5 years old and he was an amazing big brother to my 7 yr old foster daughter. I am devastated by his death and nothing feels ok anymore. Good times are tainted with his absence. I'm doing the Inca trail walk for suicide awareness in September this year with a good friend and a group of others. It is being organized as a fundraiser through the mental health foundation. It is my new purpose to raise awareness and stop the stigma. Not something I ever thought I would do but I need something to do as feeling helpless is a road to depression and my own suicidal thoughts. Regards kerri

Motherpaulawjones .