On 28th March 2018 a huge piece of me died when our 16 year old son Shaun, took his own life. 

The first we knew that Shaun was struggling was when he told his brother at the end of January that he was cutting himself to cope with the pain in his head. 

This was the start of a very painful journey where we tried all we could to help Shaun but less than two months later he took his own life.  Shaun was an amazing young man, he was so loved, he had an amazing future ahead of himself,

He touched so many peoples lives with his kindness, happiness and love, we were so blessed to have had him in our lives. Shaun will never be forgotten, I ache with his loss and over the last 9 months since his death I have at times wanted to join him. Life after losing Shaun is filled with questions that we won’t ever know the answers to, I know he is no longer in pain but all of us who loved him so dearly now carry the pain.

Motherpaulawjones .