Brook was a part of my life since day one. I've always considered Mel my Aunty and Si my Uncle, so it was only natural we spent a lot of time together Lance, Brook, Finn and myself. I can remember countless holidays up at the beach and other adventures throughout my childhood and teen years.

Brook brought me to one of the biggest parts of my life still to this day! PC gaming and everything it involves. So as you can imagine there were many a night we spent in his room playing games or together over the internet. I can't even fathom the hours we spent exploring the gaming world together and I loved every second of it. He was a sort of mentor to me, always giving me knowledge of how to play a game or how to fix my pc. It was later in my teens and just into my twenties that another part of mine and Brook's relationship came to the surface. An ability for us to talk about anything and everything.

Especially in early life when you just needed someone to talk to about problems. Brook was my best friend he was like another brother to me, I'll always love him, Mel, Simon and Finn they've been such a huge part of my life and I'll always be thankful for everything they are to me.

I wasn't really sure how to interpret the way I felt when he passed. It was sort of a surreal feeling I didn't want to believe it. Sort of wanted to blink my eyes shake my head and realise it was all just my imagination. The grief at first was the biggest hurdle for me to climb. I was really naive to the real and raw kind of emotion that came. I was lucky to be surrounded by my family and I also spent time around Mel and her family, it all helped me get past that grief. It was really sobering for me once I'd overcome the grief. It hit me with such a stark reality of how fine the line is between life and death. I was never angry with Brook never disappointed. A lot of those emotions were turned inwards and it sort of took me to some dark places. I was disappointed and angry with myself that I didn't see it happening.

It presented me with a lot of hurdles I had to conquer, but in the end I decided that I wouldn't let all the time and memories me and Brook had in life become a sad place for me. They are some of the best moments in my life. I decided that even in his death I would learn from him; let him teach me to become a better person, someone I know he would be proud to call a best friend, to call a brother.

I’m thankful for everything he did for me in life and death, and I’m proud to say his memory has helped me through a lot of challenges in my life.

CousinClea Pettit