Kingston. The day you left was one of the hardest days I’ve had to experience. I knew that I would have to step up, as a mother and role model for our son. Zion is the reason I breathe, live and wake up every morning. I now know what its like to grieve for not only myself, but for you, for all that you will miss out on and for the child that we created. For he will never get to experience you. The only image of you that Zion will ever have, is the one that we create. It will be a beautiful one, but still not as good as the real thing. I miss you when I look at Zion. I miss you when he learns something new. I miss you when hes being a pain and I miss you when hes reached yet another milestone. Its not fair, because I miss you not only for myself but for our son. Everyone has their own coping mechanisms. I didn’t realise until just recently, 5 years later that the only way/reason i was able to cope, was because I have an amazing support system. I have my whanau that were there to support me with Zion, taking him away for a couple of hours while i broke down. Your whanau, to openly talk about you and know that they are all going through a similar experience and also have Zion. My beautiful friends who made me laugh when I didnt think I could

PartnerClea Pettit