Losing my beloved grandson to suicide was one of the most traumatic and devastating moments in my life. When my wife died of Alzheimer’s I was prepared for her death. All my family is very important to me and to lose my grandson in such circumstances was devastating and I still cannot understand the full implications of why?

I am proud to have a photograph of him on my sideboard and I frequently ask him WHY? You know your Gramps loved you dearly. Why? Why did you not ask me, your Gramps for help at Christmas? I know you loved your Gramps along with our empathy when we were together. You brought me five separate gifts for Christmas?

You will always be in my thoughts and memories. I miss those hugs we always shared together.

Time is a slow healer of pain and along with the support of my family, I have slowly come to terms with our sad loss.

He was so young when he left us, and the world was his to own.

His ever loving Gramps

(Tari has since passed away)

GrandparentClea Pettit