I found him. I found him and I couldn’t get to him. The only words I can use when I was confronted with my beautiful lifeless son, was I was drowning, and to this day I still am. Everything was a haze. I knew he was dead...and I couldn’t breathe...a part of me died too. I have yet to finish this...I still have trouble breathing. Everytime I see him, hear him, think about him, feel him, a wave of grief drowns me. I slept a lot after he died. I slept because I hoped it was a nightmare and I would wake up and he would be there. I slept alot, I sat in the dark and I waited for him to come back. I thought I would run out of tears….I never did and I never have. He was a soft gentle soul, my only son. I am sad that you have missed out already on so much and we will never experience the man you would have grown to become. You left a hole in our lives that will forever remain, empty. Love you and miss you Kingston, everyday.

MotherClea Pettit