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To become a part of the Other Side of Silence online forum, simply fill out the application form below. All of our members are vetted by our forum moderators to ensure that the application is genuinely made. This is to protect the privacy of our members and maintain the integrity of the group. Membership is free of charge.

Process time
We aim to process applications within a 1-5 hour window. Please forgive us if it takes longer than this. Your invitation to access the forum will be sent to you by email. Please check your Junk Mail if you can't see your invitation after 5 hours. If you do not receive an invitation after 24 hours, please contact us directly here.

Peer Group
When making your application please be sure to select one family group that you applies to you (bereaved: Sister, Mother, Father, Cousin etc.) We will add you to your selected group. Only members of that group will have access to read, post and respond in that group. You will also have access to the general discussion groups.

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Thankyou for taking the time to fill out this form for our online community. We look forward to speaking with you soon. On the application below please apply with your real name, however if you would like to protect your identity, please choose an alias name/username for use in the forum in the box provided. We take your privacy very seriously and will not use any of your contact details for email marketing, advertising or spam of any kind. Please view our Privacy Policy here.

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Your Relationship to the person you lost
We will add you to a private peer support group that only other members of your group can view, post and respond to.
Please let us know the town and country you currently live in
Please choose the name you would like displayed when you create posts in the forum. You may choose your real name or an alias.
A condition of entry to the forum is to disclose to the moderators your personal story of loss. This is to protect the safety and privacy of our members by ensuring that all forum members have a legitimate reason to participate.
Would you like to share your story on our public journal? *
Please let us know if you would like us to post your personal story of loss on the 'Our Stories' section of our website. 'Our Stories' are publicly viewable to anyone who visits our website. If you would like a photo to accompany this story please email your image to along with your forum username.
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Please acknowledge that you are of the minimum age required to access our community forum.