Who helps the bereaved?

After the police leave, after the funeral, after the "noise"... who is there to help the suicide bereaved? Who is there to help us deal with what our loved ones leave behind?

- Debbie Larkins, ‘Suicide is not a curseword’


A private place to share

There are few places where those who have experienced suicide loss feel they can share their experience without feeling judgement or fearing causing others pain. Other Side of Silence Forum is a safe place to vent, to ask questions, to share your memories without judgement from those who have been through the same loss. The forum is only accessible privately by application and is not visible to the public.


Peer Support Groups

As well as gaining access to the general support forum, each community member also has access to a private peer support group. We have found that mothers, fathers, siblings, children all have their own experience of grief. Therefore only bereaved mothers can access the mothers group. Only fathers can access the fathers group and so on for each family group.


give and receive support

Other Side of Silence forum is a place to find comfort, to gain insight, to find ways to cope and survive beyond devastating loss. It is a place to offer and receive support when things become overwhelming. When you feel like friends and family are unable or unwilling to talk, you will always have friends on the forum who know what you are going through and are willing to listen.

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Post topics, Answer topic questions.
The forum has a general access area where members can post topics to the board touching upon everything from coping strategies to discussing how you’re feeling that day. There are sections for venting if you’ve had a bad day or experience and a place to share things that inspire you to feel positive. On days of note, such as birthdays, holidays, the day you lost your loved one, there is a place to share your memories and pictures. The private peer group also lets you post topics you may not wish to discuss with the general group.

Instant Chat Rooms
Enter a chat room for more immediate responses to topics you wish to create. Chat rooms are like instant messaging for groups and enable you to have conversations in real time. For off topic group conversations when you just want to connect with others, or for times when you may be feeling overwhelmed and need more immediate support than the general or private posting board provides.

Private Message
Private Messaging works like email but is limited only to members of the forum. Reach out specifically to the person you wish to contact and have a conversation with them privately. You can also reach out to a specific group of members for a private discussion.

Independently Moderated
We value Other Side of Silence as a safe and respectful place for sharing. The general and private groups are moderated by calm, experienced people who are there to answer any questions you have and respond to complaints, queries or requests.

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Other Side of Silence Forum is a community support group, for people who want to talk , listen and share their coping stories after losing someone to suicide. We are not councillors, we are not professionals. We are whanau/family and friends providing a platform to support each other and share the way we have coped.

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Everybody experiences the loss of a loved one to suicide differently. Emotions can range from shock, excruciating pain to numbness, anger and even resignation. Some people shut down and go into action mode and others struggle daily. Read the words of people who have bravely shared their experience of suicide loss and are navigating the grief journey.